Thursday, June 18, 2009

My baby is TWO today!

Today is O's big day! To be honest this day is as typical as all the rest. Wakes up early, me trying to get him back to sleep, no luck. Owen picks out the cereal he wants, takes 2 bites and "all done" Next 10 minutes are me trying to get him to eat his ceral. (same scenerio applies w/waffles, pancakes, toast and sometimes eggs!), We change into clothes and change diaper. he then messes around, goes and wakes up Garrett and by this time Maddison is usually awake. Morning is spent playing, snacking, time out, ball, and outside. 11:30 lunch, nap at 12:45. Awake at 2:45 EXACTLY. Rest of afternoon like morning. Then supper and ballgames or outside. So I can't really say we have done anything special. Maybe we can get a frosty or a sonic jr sundae after Maddie's game tonight. We shall see how Owen is by that time.
G-holding him about an hour after delivery

M-holding O about an hour after delivery

A couple of weeks after birth. You would think I know, but thinking the camera "date stamp" was wrong or didn't get changed after batteries. This was right before Aunt Mikhaela came over to take pics for birth announcements. I can't believe how little everyone looks. Garrett would have been almost 7 and Maddie 4 1/2! My how the grow up.

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